To know them, to love them, to support them, to share life

Are you trying to do it but you do not seem to succeed?

I can put my ethological counseling at your disposal, some basic education meetings, we can deal with problems of management and introducing in the family

We can also organize 6 paws activities: long walks and games in the green of the countryside.

You have not yet adopted but do you want to live this experience soon?

Spend time with us, observe the commitment and responsibility for close,

Experiment it, let's talk and see if it's really your way. I can walk with you, you will not be alone.

Do you feel the need to compare yourself with other 6 paws families?

We can organize meetings to exchange experiences and emotions related to our friends, organize small workshops on specific topics.

Does your child have specific needs?

I can support your child's education with some targeted interventions, as a team with the other professionals who are supporting you. The exclusive relationship with an animal can bring benefits to its relationship with the world, to its learning, to its serenity.

Are you an educator? a support teacher? a professor?

We can create projects together and support the usual extracurricular activities also opportunities for in-depth ethology and moments of deep and constructive relationship with the animal.



Bringing your pets with you wherever it is not always possible?


Our property offers a real home-board and that's why we can hold

a maximum of 3 dogs and 2 cats or small animals.

Our friends are welcomed and looked after day and night in an environment that favors the relationship and coexistence, promotes physical activity and respects the eating habits.

They will completely share our life.


For this reason it is imperative that guests are accustomed to relate peacefully with other dogs, with cats and found that females in season.


It's required a free trial day to check the animals compatibility with the environment.

The owner will be asked to complete an identification card habits, characteristics and problems

of their 4-legged companion.

Our visitor arrivals must be accompanied by the veterinary documentation indicating the regularity of vaccinations, health status and the number of the microchip; the presence of a garment of his human companion; a blanket or a pillow of the kennel where lies usually in the house will help our friend to feel more at ease in the new arrangement.


Given the relative size of the structure is necessary to book the service at least

10 days in advance.


We are also open to associations and veterinarians to house animals awaiting adoption or for ward with dedicated mode.

Costs in convention to be agreed directly.



25€ per day

   without food 

Pet and Breakfast di Antonella Cesareo

Strada Zonchetto Crova 5  - Moncalvo  - Asti


CIR 00506900003

Paws Welcome
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